Marketing Strategy and Consulting

Work with Cloud14 Marketing to develop strategies to help steer you in the direction that makes sense for your business goals and objectives.

A Partner That Quickly Understands Your Business

The creation of a solid marketing plan allows businesses to reach their true potential without being side tracked or spread too thin. It especially helps to avoid the trap of trying to be all things to all customer segments.

Work with Cloud14 Marketing in order to evaluate your current marketing programs and to identify where there are opportunities for optimization. This includes taking a close look at your top competitors and identifying/developing your differentiation and key advantages over them. 

After careful examination we develop a customized integrated marketing plan which includes our recommendations for the top prioritized marketing initiatives that all will give you the best results.

If your are looking for a partner to quickly understand your business, to see where there may be gaps and to develop a plan that’s right for your company contact us today. 

List of Marketing Strategy and Consulting Services

Market Positioning/Messaging 
Content Gap Assessment and Development 
Competitive Analysis
Email Campaign Strategy 
Social Media Strategy
Web effectiveness
Infrastructure/Tools Review
Persona Analysis
Inbound Marketing Strategy 
Lead Lifecycle Analysis
Team training and Guidance

Goal Setting

A solid plan can be the difference between treading water and achieving exponential growth. We develop marketing plans that help to prioritize what to do, what not to do, and what works best for your specific business and target customer. 

Research & Strategy

Whether you’re launching a startup or looking for quick ways to enhance your present marketing activities we work to know your business as well as you to. We specifically focus on  the events and pain points that cause your potential customers to take action.


We prepare comprehensive examinations of your existing marketing efforts and produce actionable recommendations. We dive deep into your company’s marketing operations to sustainably improve the return on investment.